Sunday, 1 March 2015

DIY Jewellery Storage Display

Its safe to say I have quite the collection of jewellery, with a mix of vintage and new. I also have a huge vintage trunk filled with jewellery still in my old bedroom at my parents house, which I need to sort and bring to my house eventually! I wanted my jewellery to be on display but also be easily accessible for me to choose a piece and wear from day to day.

The little DIY above was so easy! It not only looks like pretty art work but is easy for me to see what I have and what I would like to wear! For this I took some old frames and some foam cutting the foam to size I covered in fabric offcuts ,for the little one I also added some vintage trim because I felt it went well with the pearl brooches I had decided to display. Next just pin or stitch the fabric at the back of the foam and push into place! (note- cut the foam a little bigger than the frame space so when you push into the frame it will stay in place)

I also have a lot of necklaces, this is only a fraction of my collection but these tend to be the pieces I am reaching for everyday at the moment. The little charm necklaces are just laid out on the table but I would like to come up with a little DIY to store these so they don't get tangled, I have been Pinning Via pinterest and have lots of ideas! The bigger statement necklaces are hung on the shelf using a hanger , I really like the look of this but I'm not sure how effective it will be when I want to wear one! so if any of you guys have any necklace display/storage ideas comment below! 
I also have a little postcard from paperchase I framed which cheers me up as I choose my jewellery in the morning and a really pretty card my sister gave me for my birthday.
 I store other jewellery such as chunky bracelets in these two large vintage  pots which I think are meant for the kitchen but are far too pretty to be getting food on! 

I would love to know what you think and if you have any other ideas! as my collection is taking over mine and my parents house!


  1. This is so cute! :)

  2. Awh it's all so pretty ^_^ I love the frame on that little mirror you have on the table!!


    1. I love that little mirror its literally sooo pretty and I got it for 20p at a carboot sale!

  3. wooow that looks so pretty :)

    Vivi x

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