Sunday, 16 November 2014

His and Hers DIY Bedside Cabinet

Another little DIY for you! 
I wanted to make really simple bedside tables but with a quirky symmetrical colour design. So George made these simple slim structures with enough room for one little shelf and a space underneath big enough to store books, Eventually I think they will be cool floating on the walls but we are not quite finished with the bedroom so thought it would be best not to attach them just yet! 

 Now They are all finished and painted I think it is really cool to see how we both use them and what we store on them! 

Georges is pretty empty compared to mine but I guess that is everything he needs! he has his phone on the little shelf, a couple of random books and I put his family guy slippers underneath as at a size 12 they are ALWAYS in my way

I like my table to display some of my pretty trinkets but also have everything I need to hand. 
One of my favourite things is my mini globe because when I was little I had a large globe bedside lamp and when I got nightmares my dad would tell me to spin the globe and where ever it landed was where I would visit in my dreams and stop me getting nightmares, im not sure what happened to that globe but my dad bought me this new mini one a few years back so its really comforting to have next to me. I also ave a few of my favourite books, notebooks for when I need to note down random designs or ideas that pop up in my head during the night, this cute little apple which I store my engagement ring in to keep it safe whilst I sleep and my cute little bird dish for other bits of everyday jewellery!
 Also a little mirror as I tend to do my make-up in bed before work! 

I have also attached a few photos of the whole bedroom because I am getting really happy with how it is looking, I still want to add a little colour and change the floor but it looks really clean and fresh with our new furniture mixed with our handmade bits to make it more personal. In the corner near the window I am working on a little 'dressing area' which I am excited to share with you!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kitchen DIY

 I really wanted the kitchen to have an eclectic mix of different decorative glassware and mugs showcased in open shelving and storage, which we will get around to once we have finished the lounge! These little shelves were already here when we moved in so I thought I could utilise them before we get started on the kitchen with pretty glasses I have been collecting but really wanted an eye-catching quirky centre piece. 
Then I saw these cardboard letters on eBay for super cheap!
 All I did was use my trusty spray paint this time one with a metallic metal effect to make the cardboard letters appear much more expensive and eye-catching. 
I think once the kitchen is done I would like these hung vertical on the central wall so they are the first thing you see when you come over for dinner! 

Hope you like this quick little idea!
I would love to see any decorative slogan DIYs you have :)