Monday, 30 March 2015

Top 10 Spring Fashion Staples

Even though the weather here in the UK is still not great I have started to collect a few more pieces to add to my spring wardrobe! I've compiled a list of spring staples that I think are staples for this transition period into spring and through into summer! 

1- Denim - Denim is a huge trend this spring with lots of raw distressed edges , frays and my favourite the button down skirt! I saw this A line button down mini in mid wash blue on ASOS I snapped it up ready for spring. I have worn it a few times already with tights and boots but im excited to style it for the warmer months with crops and chunky sandals.

Glitter Heeled Sandals  , Caged Similar  , Others from Primark 

2- Chunky Sandals - I have quite the collection of chunky sandals these being my most recent and favourite buys, I feel they add a bit of an edge to any outfit I especially love the Glitter Heel on my New look pair!

3- Jewels - When wearing jewellery in spring I love to either layer up little charm style pendants or have one statment large necklace which looks great layered on top of a white tee!

 4- Patterned Trousers - I have been buying lots of patterned trousers recently I found New look had such a lovely selection and at a great price, they are super flattering and easy to style as you can just throw on a basic tee, layer a leather jacket and some chunky sandals and you are good to go! Adding a bit of pattern to my wardrobe after a winter of monochrome basics wont go a miss either.

5- The leather Jacket- I think the leather jacket is really an all year round staple, I've had mine for years and it seems to just get better with age! Its great for spring as its quite light weight and good for layering but also adds a tough edge to any look.

6- The Basic Tee- I feel like I am forever on the hunt for the perfect white tee and FINALLY I think I have found it in the form of a TOPMAN White tee unlike any of the women's white t shirts I own this one isn't see through and doesn't go out of shape due to the heavier weight of fabric used, I picked a few up in a small and like the fit as its slightly oversized. Its also good to have a grey and black and a mix of crops for spring/summer which I usually pick up from H&M as they are super inexpensive!

7- Long Length Cardigans - I have a black, grey and a burgundy lightweight waterfall cardigan which is great for the warmer months as it adds a little warmth but also makes your outfit look really cute!

8- Skinny jeans - Really an all year round staple but the Topshop Joni Jean is my favourite looks great with a crisp white tee and chunky sandals.

9- Cropped jumpers- I still need to keep warm going in to spring so some cute little cropped jumpers are a great buy especially as they are all going into the sale as we move out of winter, I picked up two in H&M recently for £7 each! As I wear a lot of high waists the cropped jumper works really well.

10- T-shirt dresses - I really love the effortless look a t shirt dress gives in the spring/summer teamed with my favourite chunky sandals, lots of jewellery and a vintage bag! they are super versatile and can be layered up or worn on their own.

I hope you enjoyed this post :) I am looking forward to wearing more colour/pattern in the warmer months and hoping to have lots more fashion posts for the blog! Comment below with your spring staples! 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Embroidered Images - Bricks Magazine

Bricks Magazine
This is most defiantly my favourite new fashion magazine, the styling and photography are so on point! the layout is dreamy and so I felt compelled to make some pretty embroidered artwork from a few of my favourite images.

I wanted to enhance a black and white photocopy of a few images by highlighting the pattern within the garment by appliqué, stitch, beading and sequin work. These images framed look so beautiful and I think will make eye-catching artwork for an art wall I am planning! I am hoping to start a series of embroidered art on the blog with my next project being embroidered family photos!

What do you all think? Are you hooked on bricks yet? I have already pre ordered volume two here
If you would like a DIY Tutorial on the next embroidered art post comment below!  :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

DIY polaroid stand and telling a story through display

I love styling and grouping objects together so they tell a story but also to remind me of holidays and special days. For me it is important not to hide objects/ photos away in a cupboard but to have them displayed on pretty shelving or open cabinets, surrounding yourself with things you love making your house your home , giving it personality and memories.

DIY polaroid stand

I ordered some instagram polaroid style prints from they were super cheap at £10 for 27 prints and are really lovely quality. I wanted a pretty way to display them without putting them in frames, George used some wood offcuts to make these little wooden stands with a cut out grove through the middle to stand the polaroid. I sprayed three silver and plan to paint three more in a bright yellow to go on the shelving that will be in the living room to add a pop of colour!

I love that I can easily change up the photos creating a different display in an instant!
What do you guys think?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

DIY Jewellery Storage Display

Its safe to say I have quite the collection of jewellery, with a mix of vintage and new. I also have a huge vintage trunk filled with jewellery still in my old bedroom at my parents house, which I need to sort and bring to my house eventually! I wanted my jewellery to be on display but also be easily accessible for me to choose a piece and wear from day to day.

The little DIY above was so easy! It not only looks like pretty art work but is easy for me to see what I have and what I would like to wear! For this I took some old frames and some foam cutting the foam to size I covered in fabric offcuts ,for the little one I also added some vintage trim because I felt it went well with the pearl brooches I had decided to display. Next just pin or stitch the fabric at the back of the foam and push into place! (note- cut the foam a little bigger than the frame space so when you push into the frame it will stay in place)

I also have a lot of necklaces, this is only a fraction of my collection but these tend to be the pieces I am reaching for everyday at the moment. The little charm necklaces are just laid out on the table but I would like to come up with a little DIY to store these so they don't get tangled, I have been Pinning Via pinterest and have lots of ideas! The bigger statement necklaces are hung on the shelf using a hanger , I really like the look of this but I'm not sure how effective it will be when I want to wear one! so if any of you guys have any necklace display/storage ideas comment below! 
I also have a little postcard from paperchase I framed which cheers me up as I choose my jewellery in the morning and a really pretty card my sister gave me for my birthday.
 I store other jewellery such as chunky bracelets in these two large vintage  pots which I think are meant for the kitchen but are far too pretty to be getting food on! 

I would love to know what you think and if you have any other ideas! as my collection is taking over mine and my parents house!