Monday, 25 January 2016

Another Shelfie! - Stairway Makeover

Today I am sharing another shelfie with you!
There is a little alcove with an old window board on the stairway which we decided to add oak shelves to display some more of our collections. Each piece tells its own story or holds its own memories- the cute little hexagonal box was one of the very first pieces of woodwork George made as a child which is funny as he now has made the shelves on which it sits and pretty much any piece of woodwork within our home! 

I have been working on some prints for my ASOS boutique and decided to frame a few of my favourite samples in these chunky white frames.

I love how I can easily switch up the display with new and old objects whenever I get bored of how it looks. I am now working on ideas for the tall narrow back wall on the stairway, I am thinking of experimenting with a large marble DIY art piece!
What do you think? 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Concrete DIY make-up storage

We are currently planning our kitchen renovation and have been experimenting with the idea of making concrete work tops, I used some of the cement mix to do this little DIY project that I thought you guys might be interested in! 

What you will need-
- A bag of cement mix - make sure you get cement mix and not concrete mix!
-A selection of plastic pots ( I used plastic party cups, plastic takeaway tub and a jelly pot to use inside the party cups )
-Cooking oil 
- Paint (optional)
-File (optional)

Mix the cement in a bucket with water as directed on your bag of cement mix ,after putting oil on all plastic pots or tubs fill about 2/3 with the mix and squash the slightly smaller cup or tub into the middle - the excess will fill up the sides. Its also good to add a weight or some water into the cup pushed into the centre to keep it down into the cement as they will pop up a bit naturally.

24 hours later you can remove the plastic cups from your pots! 
Some may need to be cut away but that is fine and the reason we have used plastic, the oil should help them not to stick too much.

I am super happy with the finished pots!
 I decided to leave the edges rough to give it more of a rustic look but you can file down the tops to make for a smooth edge , I also added a little metallic silver paint to highlight the grey of the concrete.

I used mine for storing my make-up brushes and a little ring holder but it would also be perfect for using on your desk to tidy away pens and stationary! I actually saw some for sale over on urban outfitters so why not save yourself some money and try it yourself! 
If you have any other ideas for using concrete in my home please comment below.

 I have already made another little cacti holder which I love! Not too sure where to display it yet but thinking maybe on our new wooden shelves (YES more shelves!!) 

Thank you! 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Clear skin - My skin care saviours for acne prone skin

I thought I would share my skin saviours,I have tried so many different creams and potions over the years but have found this combination the best! 

1- Silver serum - I was introduced to this by a friend so I looked into reviews online and they were all very positive so I gave it go! and can honestly say I noticed a big difference after about a week of use. I use it first thing in the morning under make-up and last thing at night or if I am having a seriously problematic area I add extra directly onto the inflammation. I have since bought four more bottles so if you have acne prone skin I would defiantly suggest giving it a try! its only £12.95 too!

2- Dr stuarts skin purify tea is another one that I find with regular use works a treat! I drink extra before and after a night out as I know my skin will not thank me for the alcohol and extra make-up! This is a good detox for the skin and contains only natural ingredients so I try to have a cup a few times a week or if my skin is particularly bad every morning.

3- Tea tree - The tea tree range at the bodyshop is also a good and budget friendly option , I especially like the face scrub which I use probably twice a week to exfoliate my skin, it leaves it feeling super clean and smooth. The tea tree clearing lotion is also really good for acne prone skin with antibacterial qualities its also a good one to wear under make-up as it has shine control and continues to clear skin throughout the day. I have also used Tea trees night lotion which is really soothing for inflamed skin and does noticeably help to reduce inflammation and redness over night.

4- Ive been using Garnier cleansing micellar water to remove make-up , I find it very hydrating and leaves my skin super clean removing any make-up pretty easily before I add my serum.

5- Lastly I try to remind myself to drink more water as this defiantly makes a difference! Also for me Diary really is not kind to my skin so I do try to avoid it where I can even though Cheese is my favourite! 

I hope this helps you if you suffer with acne prone skin, let me know if you give any of these a try or if you have anything you would suggest me trying.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year Fresh start

New Year Fresh Start

Of Course, everyday and every month is a fresh start, but there's something about a new beginning that I find extremely motivating.

I love planning, using fresh notebooks and diaries I have been gifted at Christmas to plan out my year. Lists also help me achieve the goals I set myself. It is also a time to reflect on the highs and lows of the year, when I actually do look back and remember it is always quite surprising what milestones and personal goals I have achieved.

A few achievements of the year 

- I designed my living/dining room this year and seeing it all come together was such an experience , I still cant believe that we actually own a house let alone seeing my design ideas come to life.  ( you can check out previous posts to see before and after shots )

- George and I celebrated seven years together in May. It sounds like a long time when you look at the number but it feels as though its passed by so quickly! Heres to many more years creating memories together.

- My brand is growing daily and this year I have reached record online sales. I know its not all about the numbers but every time I design something and it sells it boosts my confidence in my design ability and makes me want to continue to create more and more which is something I love. It is the best feeling being able to have a job that not only helps supports us financially but something that I truly love.

- I have received recognition from ASOS for my embroidered t-shirts and my brand was chosen as one of the winners to represent as the face of ASOS Marketplace.

I would like to improve/ work on in 2016

It is no secret that I like to write lists and set myself daily goals for my work but yearly goals offer more in terms of flexibility due to the longer time frame and so I don't feel too rushed! 

- The first thing I would like to work on is myself.
I suffer with Anxiety and quite often this results in bad panic attacks which over the many many years has begun to affect my everyday life. Its something I have been incredibly embarrassed about and has stopped me taking opportunities and avoiding situations. I felt for a while that to be in your twenties and to have not 'sorted yourself out' by now is something to be embarrassed about and to try to hide, in turn this has made my anxiety a lot worse. So my vow for 2016 is to get some help and work on myself but also I have realised that I don't have to happy all of the time it is actually healthy to have moments of sadness and I shouldn't beat myself up about it or put too much pressure on myself to be the most perfect I can be.

Things that are helping me with this is this book 'overcoming anxiety' which is a self help guide to using cognitive behavioural techniques which helps me look at things logically, it sounds simple but it really has helped.

Another is a Blog written by an old friend of mine, its funny because we were really close friends for years and it seems both struggling with the same troubles yet never actually spoke to each other about them, which looking back maybe could of helped us both and made us feel a little more normal! 

To finish on a happier note I would like to continue to grow as a textile designer and involve myself in more freelance projects and collaborations with other designers. To continue to grow my brand and work closer on enhancing my online presence through social media and blogging. Which for me means creating a blogging diary and posting once a week on here and also more regularly over on my instagram to help customers engage more with me and my brand as one!

I Wish you all a Happy New Year and would love to read your goals or achievements of the year so be sure to comment below, and if you have any ideas of posts you might like to see from me that would be great!