Thursday, 17 May 2018

New home - First before and after - Utility/ toilet room

The first of my before and after series documenting the new house is not the most exciting room, however a very practical grown up room... We started with this room to relieve my mum of washing duties but also because it was a super simple makeover which has made a huge difference.

Before the room was a weird shade of dirty yellow but the actual toilet/sink was in pretty good condition , we will change the radiator at some point but for now it will do. I wanted to keep it pretty simple so opted for my fav white wall and print combo, adding in splashes of colour through artwork and accessories. 

There is a space that perfectly fits the washing machine and dryer but not much space for storage so we added two little shelves above the toilet and used crates and baskets for storage - this is perfect to keep washing powder ect out of reach of our 'little' thief puppy Bea! 

Just because this is a utility doesn't mean it has to be boring , so we added a collection of old butterfly prints , patterned tiles to inject a little colour along with a hexagon mirror.

 The hall is a working progress as we still need a new door and eventually flooring, but for now we continued the white walls and added a gallery wall for some interest. This is a super easy way to update a space on a budget and when you get bored of the prints you can switch them around creating a different look. I like to group artwork together that kind of complement or tell a story , I've opted for a nature/ botanical theme made up of greeting cards, illustrations, wallpaper samples and butterflies picked up from charity shops.

 I hope you liked this super easy/quick update! I am so excited to share the next room with you!! Only a few little bits left to finish off in the bathroom then I should be able to share next week :)