Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Display within the home - making a house a home

The living room is almost complete!
 I didn't want to show images of the whole room as its not quite there! but I hope you can get an idea of the space I am trying to create in these little snaps. My favourite part about decorating is to make the house look more like our home, I like to do this by injecting some personality with artwork, family photos and souvenirs that all hold lots of memories.
 To me display within the home is really important and not only looks beautiful but being surrounded by my collections on display really make me feel happier. As you can see from the images below I love to group my collections so they almost tell a story , I also like to mix and match textures and colours much like my mood boards I create for my design work but I also love that they are easily interchangeable and as life changes and I collect more memories my displays within the house will change too.

I hope you like seeing this little snippet and are excited to see the whole room come together like I am! I would love to see your home makeovers too

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Insta Round up!

I thought I would include a little round up of my most recent instagram uploads :)
Instagram is my favourite place to store my photography as a sort of visual diary, I love finding pretty new accounts to follow especially interior focused accounts so if you have a pretty instagram please leave a link below!

Thank you!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Entrance Makeover - Before and After

Creating Zones
 The main room will be used as a living / dining and entrance room so I wanted to divide the space into these three areas creating different zones. The first being the entrance!

When we first moved in we had to have a lot of work done on the walls in the lounge due to damp, there was also a really ugly leaking radiator but we thought we could fix it and repaint and cover with a radiator cover to create a little welcome area.We didn't want a regular cover so we designed our own and George made it up, we decided on white wood with an oak top to contrast against the light grey walls.

Accessories play a big part in creating a unique space and I feel help to divide the room. I really love this print which I found on Etsy as a digital download I just printed and framed in a metallic frame to enhance the silver design. I found the blue mirror at a car boot sale along with the vintage letter stand and hanging hearts. The alphabet hooks were super cheap and are great for our coats ect. The oversized 'notes' peg is perfect to have near the door to clip little reminders! 
The Wild and wolf lobby phone was a birthday present and I just think it is the most beautiful telephone I have ever seen! I think it works well on top of the vintage stool which I painted in a bright yellow to add a pop of colour.

I love to have flowers around the house it really brightens up the place and brings the outside in. These Gladioli flowers are perfect for the entrance as they fit neatly in the little nook and the white flower works well with the colour palette.

I found this welcome mat at Tiger for only £5 It is super cute and makes people smile as they enter.
I really love this area and am really happy with how the whole room is working together with its different little areas.
What do you think?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

One year on - Before and After Front of house

Today marks exactly a year on from when we collected our keys to our first home! To say it has gone quickly would be an understatement but it is slowly starting to come together and I would like to share each room of the house from start to finish. The first part of the house we started to work on was its exterior.

The door 
I have always loved colourful entrances as its the first thing you see before you step into the house and it was very uninviting before hand with its PVC door which was pretty much hanging by a thread and an ugly looking electrical box on show. George worked his joinery magic and made this wooden door which we painted a bright turquoise , he also built a wooden plant box around the electrical box which has a removable front so it can still be accessed but looks super pretty filled with flowers.

I think this is what completely transformed the look of the house! We decided on painting the dirty biscuit colour render with a bright white which made it look so much cleaner and also made the turquoise door stand out , we painted the bottom part and very top part of the house in a light grey to balance out the white. 
Thanks to my dad for doing most of the painting! 

Flowers really brighten up a space and make everything look super pretty, I decided on a few larger plants  mixed with a few smaller delicate flowers , I think the mix really gives a cottage garden feel and adds a finishing touch to the front of our house.

To finish we filled the raised area with grey slate, added grey paving slabs to the steps and an outdoor light. I am really happy with how our house looks from the outside and I am sure it will get better with age as I add more flowers and finally a vintage door knocker which I am still searching for.

We have almost finished the living room and have a sofa arriving on Monday so I am excited to share photos with you!

What do you think?