Monday, 18 January 2016

Concrete DIY make-up storage

We are currently planning our kitchen renovation and have been experimenting with the idea of making concrete work tops, I used some of the cement mix to do this little DIY project that I thought you guys might be interested in! 

What you will need-
- A bag of cement mix - make sure you get cement mix and not concrete mix!
-A selection of plastic pots ( I used plastic party cups, plastic takeaway tub and a jelly pot to use inside the party cups )
-Cooking oil 
- Paint (optional)
-File (optional)

Mix the cement in a bucket with water as directed on your bag of cement mix ,after putting oil on all plastic pots or tubs fill about 2/3 with the mix and squash the slightly smaller cup or tub into the middle - the excess will fill up the sides. Its also good to add a weight or some water into the cup pushed into the centre to keep it down into the cement as they will pop up a bit naturally.

24 hours later you can remove the plastic cups from your pots! 
Some may need to be cut away but that is fine and the reason we have used plastic, the oil should help them not to stick too much.

I am super happy with the finished pots!
 I decided to leave the edges rough to give it more of a rustic look but you can file down the tops to make for a smooth edge , I also added a little metallic silver paint to highlight the grey of the concrete.

I used mine for storing my make-up brushes and a little ring holder but it would also be perfect for using on your desk to tidy away pens and stationary! I actually saw some for sale over on urban outfitters so why not save yourself some money and try it yourself! 
If you have any other ideas for using concrete in my home please comment below.

 I have already made another little cacti holder which I love! Not too sure where to display it yet but thinking maybe on our new wooden shelves (YES more shelves!!) 

Thank you! 


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