Monday, 25 January 2016

Another Shelfie! - Stairway Makeover

Today I am sharing another shelfie with you!
There is a little alcove with an old window board on the stairway which we decided to add oak shelves to display some more of our collections. Each piece tells its own story or holds its own memories- the cute little hexagonal box was one of the very first pieces of woodwork George made as a child which is funny as he now has made the shelves on which it sits and pretty much any piece of woodwork within our home! 

I have been working on some prints for my ASOS boutique and decided to frame a few of my favourite samples in these chunky white frames.

I love how I can easily switch up the display with new and old objects whenever I get bored of how it looks. I am now working on ideas for the tall narrow back wall on the stairway, I am thinking of experimenting with a large marble DIY art piece!
What do you think? 


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