Thursday, 5 March 2015

DIY polaroid stand and telling a story through display

I love styling and grouping objects together so they tell a story but also to remind me of holidays and special days. For me it is important not to hide objects/ photos away in a cupboard but to have them displayed on pretty shelving or open cabinets, surrounding yourself with things you love making your house your home , giving it personality and memories.

DIY polaroid stand

I ordered some instagram polaroid style prints from they were super cheap at £10 for 27 prints and are really lovely quality. I wanted a pretty way to display them without putting them in frames, George used some wood offcuts to make these little wooden stands with a cut out grove through the middle to stand the polaroid. I sprayed three silver and plan to paint three more in a bright yellow to go on the shelving that will be in the living room to add a pop of colour!

I love that I can easily change up the photos creating a different display in an instant!
What do you guys think?