Monday, 2 February 2015

Insta Week

Insta week will be a weekly round up of everything I have been getting up to that week. I find instagram to be the perfect tool to not only share my new designs for my boutique where I can share customer photos and product shots but a way for my customers to get to know me too! which is another reason for staring this very blog. 
Anyway on to the instapics!

1- A photo of my jewels of the day, I love to layer up jewellery and this is one of my favourite combinations at the moment. The turquoise beaded necklace was a present from my mum, the 'emma' necklace was made for me by a cute little Spanish man whilst on holiday and the crystal quartz can be bought via my website :) ASOS

2- A photo of a few orders I was posting out including Pom Pom trim tie dye socks, glitter ring and opal quartz.

3- A product shot of my ring designs for ASOS marketplace

4-Bens cookies my all time FAVOURITE.If you haven't tried them yet you must!

5-Two images from my blog post on Notting hill layering which went live a couple of days ago.

6- A Little inspirational image for my next spring summer collection

7- On Saturday I barely moved from the sofa and spent the day in my PJs so this quote was perfect!

8- Another image from my Notting hill layering post featuring the cutest little turquoise house, the streets in Notting hill are just so perfect!

9- A customer photo wearing the crystal quartz necklace, I really loved the simple high turtle neck jumper combined with the quartz.

10- Another snack photo this time in the form of the greatest popcorn that has ever been made.

11- A little image to show the new cute packaging for my rings.

12- A blustery selfie taken near London bridge from last weekend when visiting a friend.

I love stumbling across pretty insta feeds and learning a bit more about the people behind the blogs I read.Or just to admire pretty photos, comment below with your instagram accounts :)

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