Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Home Goals

A Little pinterest round up of ideas I want to try in our new living room. I'm going on a grey and white colour scheme with pops of yellow and turquoise mixed with different textures and patterns in  handmade fabric, a mix of artwork and unusual display ideas.

Lighting - I have already bought this large vintage globe bulb and am currently on the look out for the perfect statement surround, I really like the cage style which will really make a statement while still showing off the globe bulb. I am also looking for a oversized silver or brightly coloured floor lamp like the middle photo above, I think it would look great in the little reading nook I am planning.

There are lots of different shelving ideas I want to try in the living room , one being the corner tiered floating shelves for the reading nook which will display colourful art work and pretty books, I can just image sitting under the pendant light on a cute little chair reading! Next I want to try making a little shelve for about the radiator cover which will be a sort of mini welcome area. I like the rustic look the middle image has mixing wood and rope. 

Bringing the outside in is a lovely way to add colour but also make the space feel really relaxing. I am really loving the little cacti and air plants at the moment so will be incorporating those into my design.

Designing a small space can be difficult when the room has many different uses, our house is really little but really cute! the living room also doubles up as a little dining room and welcome area, so when decorating the room I really want all of the decor and furniture to flow together well but also have separate uses. The dining area for example, The final image in the collage above is perfect for space saving, George being a joiner means we can make our own table and bench and I can find some old vintage chairs to upholster, and the table can be pushed back to create space or pulled forward to use.

As we are going for a colour palette of greys and whites , injecting some colour through accessories is going to make the room all come together with a quirky style, I love the pops of bright yellow and mix of art work and textures. Not forgetting our beautiful turquoise door which is painted turquoise both outside and inside! so it is a really statement within the room.

I am so excited to put these plans into action! we just have to get the boring stuff like ripping the fireplace out and changing the boiler before we can make it look pretty :)
I would love to here what you think and if you have any ideas!


  1. These look so cool! Please keep up updated with what it looks like :)

  2. Love this post! I love the white with colour accents,


  3. I love how light, fresh and energising your space is. A great selection :)

    Alina x

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