Tuesday, 22 January 2019

New year new studio! - Studio tour

I cannot believe I finally have a proper studio to work in! I have worked in my parents loft, a spare bedroom, the corner of a living room and a dining room,  now I have a purpose built building completely separate to our house! It feels like I have a 'proper' job, I can go to work in the morning and then at the end of the day shut all my work away and head home - the long commute home!

I thought I would share a few photos so you can see where I work - 
If you prefer a video tour head over to my instagram to watch a tour on IGTV 

I set up the room into sections , George built this amazing desk which I have one section as a laptop/admin space, a design area and then my favourite area! The hot chocolate station :)

The next area is the back wall where I have my two embroidery machines , then a large blue work station which I found for super cheap at a car boot sale in the summer! I think its supposed to be for a kitchen but it works perfectly in my work room.

I have my janome sewing machine which was a gift for my 16th birthday! its still going strong 14 years later! Bea is a big fan of the new space , she gets to snooze in the sun whilst watching the birds in the field - best life ever or what?!

I hope you have enjoyed this little look around! Links to everything I can find below in case you want to shop! 

Do what you love neon - we took the plastic backing off and replaced with wood 
similar pink heart neon


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