Monday, 14 March 2016

Kitchen makeover before and after

Kitchen is finally finished! 
I wanted to share before and after photos to show that the smallest changes have made the biggest difference. The kitchen before wasn't terrible it was just a standard kitchen, it was a little rough around the edges and flooring was in definite need of a change. We were also really keen to change the sink area!

I couldn't be happier with the finished result! I think the biggest change was ripping out the old worktop and putting in real oak tops, this made it look like we had installed an entire new kitchen when in fact we had only ripped off old tiles and changed the tops! We changed the flooring to a grey tile effect laminate and this seems to have really opened up the space and also ties the greys from the living room through. I knew I wanted some open shelving in a chunky farmhouse style so George used oak again and made some chunky brackets, this is defiantly my favourite area as I am able to display my collection of china and glassware but also its the perfect storage solution for a small kitchen. I also knew I wanted to inject some personality into the otherwise white room so decided on this Blue swan fridge freezer with matching blue accessories, I found the Blue kettle and toaster for £15 each! and the Radio was a birthday present from Georges family which also matches perfectly.

I wanted some artwork in the room too and had my eye on the flamingo for so long, I knew it would add the perfect little detail and pull together the eclectic mix of glassware and china ( can you spot the little pink flamingo glasses!?) Next I took to depop to search for the perfect artwork to work with the flamingo and decided on the Pineapple which is actually a greeting card and only £2.50!  I popped it in a frame and it just looks so beautiful. Lastly I found the Pizza print which was also a greeting card which I am actually in love with! I purchased a Super large chalk board planner to have on the back wall so I can start to meal plan but its also a nice way to keep track of what plans we have each week. The 'EAT' letters was a DIY I did when we first moved in! it was super easy I just used cardboard letters and spray painted them with metal effect paint. 

Anyway I hope you like the space we have created as much as I do! I have barely left the room since it was completed and I have been baking too! There are a couple of little DIYs we want to do for this room so I will be sure to share those too!

Thanks to everyone that helped out with this makeover - Dad Warren, Dad Guy, Leeroy, Scott Seal and Mum Warren we love you all! 


  1. I love it Emma! Looks amazing! And so effective with just a few bits and bobs - love the turquoise colour splash! :) x

  2. Ahh hope you are feeling better! That sound fun!
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