Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas at the turquoise door

The door
I like to create lots of Diys but more so around Christmas time, and this year was no exception! 
As it is the first Christmas in our first home I thought I would share some of the DIY ideas I do in my home over Christmas. The first being a wreath, I am lucky to have an amazing florist for an auntie so she came over to give me a little tutorial.
 We collected together some pretty things that could be included in the wreath , I knew I wanted to stick to silvers and blues to complement the door , it was pretty easy once we got started , using wires to twist holly and branches to the ring base before arranging the pretty decorations, finished off with a little ribbon to make a hook and finish with a bow! 
The perfect welcoming Christmas decoration.

The cards
Every year I make my own Christmas cards ( I think I take it a little too seriously).
This year I wanted to tie in with my metallic theme , so I collected together glitter, sequins, feathers and pom poms! 
I like to mix materials and techniques in my projects , I didnt want the feathers to be so obvious so I used metallic paint and printed the feathers for a dreamy subtle look , contrasting this with the cut foam glitter, holographic and iridescent oversized sequins and stitched zig zag lines to bring everything together.

The Tree
Again with the tree I wanted to mix lots of different textures/materials to create a mysical dreamy look. So I used vintage and new balbals and handmade pom poms in white a ice blue wool. I also used the feathers I had used for printing the cards for the tree by wrapping some metalic thread around the top with a little loop to hang on the tree.


Our living room is still slowly coming together so I didnt want to share the whole room but I am so happy with my little christmas DIY , I am especially in love with the tree its so dreamy and cosy, and the wreath makes me smile everytime I return home.
I hope you all have a lovely christmas! I would love to see your Christmas DIYS/interiors so comment below so I can check them out :)


  1. Love all, but especially your tree! the feathers and pretty silver make it look so dreamy and whimsical <3

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