Monday, 31 August 2015

Shelf styling and my favourite coffee table books

I thought I would share some images of my living room shelves and the objects currently on display including family photos and my own art work along with objects that remind me of certain times, for example the little castle reminds me of how as a family we would visit Disney in Florida and to me and my sister it was the most magical place where we believed we were actual princesses , I remember being mesmerised by the castle.

Below are a couple of my favourite coffee table books including one by Sabrina Ward Harrison which is a type of journal or diary of her life, I love looking back through this book as every time I look I see more , each page is filled with paintings, collages and quick sketches which all work together to make up such beautiful artwork. Some of my other favourites include my interior design books Happy homemade home and a series by Geraldine James which hold the most beautiful images of homes I think I have ever seen with some really great DIY ideas. Found is a book made up of found or lost notes some funny, some sad all of which tell a story.

Can you spot the framed train tickets?
 I have a whole collection from my time at university, my fiancĂ© George would visit me in Nottingham every weekend and I would keep every ticket. I wanted a way to display them so for now I have just framed a couple but I am thinking of creating a little coffee table with them fused under glass, they hold such lovely memories and I didn't want them to just stay in a box! Also I think they add a lovely pop of colour to the room. 

 I hope you all enjoyed this post as this little corner of my house is defiantly my favourite!


  1. prettyyy ^_^ the framed train tickets is the cutest thing I've ever seen ♥♥

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